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Acoustic future|M100、M200



  Redesign and refine the design on bird guitar.  


2021 all new redesign M100 and M200 with “Sugita Sound Concept.” Design with Acoustic Future brace construction into travel size guitar, improve the string to string balance, resonance, sustain, and you can feel the chord harmony. Full size guitar sound built into a travel compact size guitar.








           Sugita Sound Concept.           


Sugita Kenji design the Acoustic Future series, “Coherence Vibration” Air Oscillation. When string is plucked, the guitar top vibrates, it provided a coherence vibration against the body, neck, and headstock, and create a rich spectrum of sound. Light see through top is control within 2.5mm, the brace design stabilize the top, prevent twisting, and support the string tension. After three years of R&D, a full responsive sound is achieved, remove the hard frequency.




Top - Sitka Spruce

Back/Side - Africa Mahogany



Top - Moon Spruce

Back/Side - Indian Rosewood






  ▼ Wood  


Sitka Spruce & Africa Mahogany


Sitka Spruce - Light weight and strong. It can be slower to open up but is an extremely versatile as it offers an immense dynamic resonance in the high, mid and low ranges and works excellently for most music genres.


African Mahogany - It a type of tonewood can be easily seasoned and is very stable to work with. It comes in a straighter grain which is great for an effective clear tonal transfer and it gives players a strong mid-range presence and a wonderful warmer overtone.



Moon Spruce & Indian Rosewood


Moon Spruce - It can accommodate different climates exceptionally, which makes it one of the more durable and stable tone woods. It takes time to open up but its sound will have rich overtones in tandem with complex tonal harmonics.


Indian Rosewood - One of the most popular and musically loved tonewood. Rosewood is an oily hard wood, and is remarkably stable to work with. It produces deep sweeping lows, and lush like treble. It works well for all music genres and is especially a favorite among finger-style players.




    ▼ Details  



The Mahogany binding serve to protect the edges of the wood from impact.




Rosewood binding extending from the top of the body to the curve was inspired by the concept of moon phases.




The Spalted-Maple rosette was designed for the elegant look.



  ▼ Headstock  


A classic-headstock design made with a ebony veneer in mother of pearl logo. The tuners with 1:18 gear ratio for precise tuning.



  ▼ Fretboard   


Ebony is a hard dense tone wood with silky smooth feeling. It's a stable wood to be a fretboard, adds brightness to the tone, and faster attack. The fret positions is designed with MOP Inlays.



MOP Dot Inlays




MOP Moon Phase Inlays




    ▼ Finish  





  ▼ Bridge / Saddle  


The oval-shaped ebony bridge helps support the string tension. The buffalo bone for the nut which is very hard and articulate. This helps the strings to vibrate and to have a deep resonance. The compensated saddle designed to provide the accurate intonation and produce the correctly pitched note.



   ▼ Gigbag & String  


M100 - aNueNue Deluxe Gigbag

M200 - aNueNue Bird Guitar Hardshell Case

String - D'Addario® EXP16






▼ Where to buy  


Please contact your local dealer for pre-order info!


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