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  Acoustic - Acoustic Future Series  


Sugita Kenji is well-known in the handmade guitar world. His guitars, in terms of tone, design, and workmanship, each have the highest standards of handmade acoustic guitar. Sugita and aNueNue spent three years of R&D, selected air-dry wood, and humidity control facility. Three stage of design, brace design balance, neck profile balance and profile, and headstock sound reflex. The new design with 640mm shorter scale, produce sweet mid-high sound, and warm bass. “Acoustic Future” is born.

Acoustic Future Series is design by Luthier Sugita Kenji. Regular acoustic size using seasonal all solid tone wood. Sugita design the brace to accommodate the offset soundhole, and achieve a well balance and responsive sound. LS500 and LS600 use dovetail neck joint. LS700 and LS800 use Spanish neck joint, and design artistically with a Bird Yoseki Zaiku Marquetry art.

  Model Size Wood  
  LS500 Full Size Guitar Moon Spruce AA / African Mahogany  
  LS600 Full Size Guitar Moon Spruce AA / Indian Rosewood AA  
  LS700 Full Size Guitar Moon Spruce AAA / Indian Rosewood AAA  
  LS800 Full Size Guitar Moon Spruce AAA / Cocobolo  
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  Ukulele - UC Color Series  


Built on the foundation of the "MC Color Series" acoustic guitar, the "UC Color Series" is the Ukulele extension of the color series. It uses the same Pantone selection of five colors as the MC color series: fresh and natural Almond Milk, the lively Living Coral, warm and hopeful Golden Glow, serene healing Blue Arona and balanced tranquility of Quiet Shade. This series is an addition to our guitars for the passionate players that also appreciates a colorful lifestyle that the series can offer.

  Model Size Wood  
  UC10-AM / Almond Milk Concert Solid Spruce / Mahogany  
  UC10-BA / Blue Arona Concert Solid Spruce / Mahogany  
  UC10-LC / Living Coral Concert Solid Spruce / Mahogany  
  UC10-GG / Golden Glow Concert Solid Spruce / Mahogany  
  UC10-QS / Quiet Shade Concert Solid Spruce / Mahogany  
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  Ukulele - Hawaiian Dream Series  


aNueNue Hawaiian Dream series offer the U & 3 Series. Offering is Soprano, Concert, and Tenor for all ages.

It come with Dark Navy Gigbag with Picnic cotton cloth interior design. Imagine picnic on Waikiki beach, and playing ukulele.



  Model Size Wood  
  U1 Soprano Laminated mahogany  
  U2 Concert Laminated mahogany  
  U3 Tenor Laminated mahogany  
  S3 Soprano Solid Mahogany  
  C3 Concert Solid Mahogany  
  T3 Tenor Solid Mahogany  
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