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The Ukulele China Cup Fingerstyle Contest was hosted by and Ningbo Daisi Musical instrument store, co-organized by UkuleleCN, aNueNue, and Starlight Pop Music Classroom.Participants can participate regardless of age. Participants can choose a track and record Vedio in a mirrored manner, and prohibit post-production or editing.


In addition to the "Children's Group" and the "Adult Group", the "Children's Ensemble" and "Adult Ensemble" have been added to this year's competition.



  Award Adult Group Children's Group Children's Ensemble
  1st   趙啟鈞《Chill out》Cover 高哲&雷沛翎《Misirlou》Cover
  2nd 葉家銘《Horizo​​n》Original 高哲《Feel the Beat》Cover 王上達&宋若銘&肖賀仁《Kawika》Cover
  3rd 林先宇《Laitos》Original 羅沃凡《Beach line》Cover 黃梓涵&黃品瑜《Bohemian Rhapsody》Cover
    莊柏軒《river flows in you》改編    



aNueNue was not absent, and provided various prizes to participate in the competition with all participants.




Adult Group

Third place


Children's Group

Second place


Participation Award

Random selection

Moon Spruce UT200E


Africa Mahogany AMM3E


Black Water Strings




Thanks for all contestants and winners. we look forward to seeing more outstanding performances in the coming year.



 · Submission Date 

1、8th August - 27th October, 2020, 11:59pm deadline

2、Final Date & Venue:9th August - 15th October, 2020
Adult Group x 10
Adult Ensemble x 5
Children's Group x 10
Children's Ensemble x 5


● You can choose a track, cover or original, and record the Vedio to participate in the competition.

● The film is forbidden to synthesize, edit, post, connect speakers or add any reverb effects! Write in the film on the paper: your name, track, the word of "China Ukulele Cup 2020" and the recording date (year, month, day) are displayed for everyone to see. Participants must show their faces and only participate in the competition. 

● Send the video file, name, entry, and introduction mail to "[email protected] " . After receiving the video, the staff will reply you to confirm the competition.

● uring the competition, the videos will be posted to the UkuleleCN in accordance with the time of receipt, and will be numbered according to the registration time.

● During the judging period from 25th - 30th October, the jury will discuss the third runner-up in the championship. According to the score, the average score obtained by removing one highest score and one lowest score is divided into the final score of the competition.

● On 30th October, the forum and Sina Weibo will be published at the same time.

● The participants are allowed to use Low G Ukulele. 


 · More Info 

Sina Weibo:@尤克里里杯



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