2019 Product Chronology

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  Ukulele - aNueNue Series  


The 2019 New AMM Series has a classical headstock design made with a rosewood veneer in mother of pearl logo. African mahogany has amber like brownish streaks. It a type of tonewood can be easily seasoned and is very stable to work with. It comes in a straighter grain which is great for an effective clear tonal transfer and it gives players a strong mid-range presence and a wonderful warmer overtone.

  AMM2 AMM3  
  Model Size Wood  
  AMM2 Concert Africa Mahogany  
  AMM3 Tenor Africa Mahogany  
  Ukulele - Bird Series  


For the Bird 5K Series our aNueNue treasure collectors have been collecting away 5A grade Hawaiian Koa for many years. It is natural-air dried for several years with a uniquely beautiful figured wood grain, it bodies a beautiful full sound and is all what makes this exquisite wood unmatched in comparison. Mitsuta's Mount Fuji-voiced brace design produces transparent clear overtone and warm ukulele tones.

  US5K UC5K UT5K  
  Model Size Wood  
  US5K Soprano Hawaiian Koa  
  UC5K Concert Hawaiian Koa  
  UT5K Tenor Hawaiian Koa  
  Acoustic - M Color Series  


Definition by Pantone, they are Almond Milk , Blue Arona , Living Coral , Golden Glow and  Quiet Shade accordingly. We bring you not only the variety of color but also rich timbre, the top solid material is made to stable the tones.

Almond Milk Blue Arona Golden Glow Living Coral Quiet Shade
  Model Size Wood  
  Almond Milk 36 inch Spruce / Mahogany  
  Blue Arona 36 inch Spruce / Mahogany  
  Golden Glow 36 inch Spruce / Mahogany  
  Living Coral 36 inch Spruce / Mahogany  
  Quiet Shade 36 inch Spruce / Mahogany