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#001 - Bird





Project Black Rainbow is aNueNue Customshop started from 2016. Custom made musical instrument with brand new design idea, wood, bracing and body construction . It also combines the essence of design concept with the musical instrument and the inlay of body and fingerboard. Handmade production took several months, and each musical instrument is one of a kind in the World.


At the beginning of this project, right in the following year after the launch of aNueNue Bird Guitar, via the introduction by a Japan ukulele player Kyas, we got to acquainted with a Japan luthier Mitsuta Morihiko through serendipity and transformed the Bird Guitar into a ukulele body. We also tried to move the offset sound hole to the center. After fine tuning the bracing structure of Mount Fuji top made by Mitsuta Morihiko, the Bird Ukulele is spontaneously born.





However, the first instrument of the Project Black Rainbow was made for memory of the launch of the Bird Ukulele and named “Bird”. It was combined with the American well-known Inlay Artist - Craig Lavin, vividly unfolding the scenery, creatures and even the atmosphere and vibe in our daily lives on the mosaic art. At the outset, the first instrument was a Tenor; matched with two precious kinds of wood and embellished with fine craft. It selected five special species of bird. At the beginning, we painted it by hand, and successively cut, slotted, ground and sculpted; and at last, inlaid it on the head and fingerboard, showing the vibrant visual feeling.


The following music video is performed by famous artist Kalei Gamiao,  he play the song "How Far I'll Go" with this custom  ”Bird” ukulele, it will take us to a special sound and visual experience!









As to the first instrument of the Project Black Rainbow, it inlays a figure of Whiskered Treeswift on the head. 



 Inlays - Whiskered Treeswift 


The Whiskered Treeswift, also called Crested Treeswift, is spread out across  Southeast Asia. Featuring a crest on its head, it is a kind of swift and of the smallest body type among all the Apodiformes. Its body covered with bronze, brown feathers while the abdomen is white. The head, wings and tail feathers show indigo colors. It has cross tail feathers and the outer corners of eyes show brown grain. Above and below the eye grain extends a white line respectively.



The picture is Whiskered Treeswift, taken from .






Top down on the fingerboard, it inlays the figures of a wing-spreading Indian Pitta, two crossover Bee Eaters, a smiling Hyacinth Macaw and a Toco toucan.







 Inlays - Indian Pitta 


The Indian Pitta is spread out across the southwest of China and Southeast Asia. They are known for their beautiful colors. Most Indian Pitta bears different colors. They show red, green, blue, white, black, yellow, brown, maroon etc., over eight kinds of colors to match their appearance. Additionally, their backs are shiny green. The wings, waist and tail feathers are shiny powder blue. It has round and fat body with short tail and long legs.




The picture is Indian Pitta, taken from tumblr - @cwnerd12 .



 Inlays - Bee Eater 


The Bee Eater is a species of migratory bird which is prevalent in the surroundings of Mediterranean and in Southwest Asia, North Africa, India and China. It is known for the yellow throat with a stripe of black line grain. Its forehead shows blue and white colors and its eyes grain is black. From the overhead to the back shows the color of maroon while the abdomen presents beautiful blue-green. Its long and sharp black beak can easily prey the insect especially the bees.




The picture is Bee Eater, taken from the Internet .




 Inlays - Hyacinth Macaw 


The Hyacinth Macaw comes from South America. It is a species of having bigger body among all Macaw types. Its feathers are pure blue, close to indigo. Its powerful beak is black, strong enough to take apart nuts and seeds or even coconuts in short periods of time. The rear end of the lower beak and the eye circumference shows bare yellow skin.




The picture is Hyacinth Macaw, taken from - @Michael Todd  .




 Inlays - Toco Toucan 


The Toco toucan is spread in South America and known for its big yellow beak. All the feathers outside the head are black while the feathers from its face, throat to the upper chest are white. The color around eyes is yellow and the sharp place on the front end of its upper big beak shows black.




The picture is Toco toucan, taken from Wikimedia Commons .





Also in this Project Black Rainbow #001 – Bird, except for using the fine embellishment of bird mosaic, the material of the body is also quite rare. The top is made of Hawaiian Koa; the back and side are matched with critically endangered Brazilian Rosewood which is produced in the Amazon Rainforest – the lung of the world.






Due to the huge difference of the climate in the tropical rainforest, the wood texture, scent, strength, hardness and density of the Brazil rosewood are all better than those of the India rosewood. It also possesses a unique fragrance. Nowadays, the Brazil rosewood is legally protected and cannot be cut down, resulting in its price soaring rapidly.








With regard to the adornment of the instrument style, the head uses the Gotoh UPT 1:4 gear type tuning head; ebony for the fingerboard; fretted maple wreath, tiger pattern maple edge and shellac varnish which needs inextricable handmade process.







 Detail Design 


The Spalted-Maple rosette was designed for the elegant look. The Flame Maple binding was added for better protection to the body.






 More Specs 



  Number   Black Rainbow #001  
  Name   Bird  
  Size   Tenor  
  Frets   20  
  Top   Hawaiian Koa  
  Side/Back   Brazilian Rosewood  
  Headplate   Ebony  
  Machine Head   Gotoh UPT  
  Neck   Mahogany  
  Bridge   Ebony  
  Nut/Saddle   Buffalo Bone  


  String   aNueNue Black Water Strings  
  Pickup   None  
  Finish   High Gloss  
  Rosette   Spalted Maple  
  Binding   Flame Maple  
  Gigbag   Blue Hardcase  
  Inlays   Craig Lavin  




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