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aNueNue x Music Travel Love Series



Music Travel Love started their new channel “Music Travel Kids”on Youtube in 2021 creating educational and entertaining contents for the youth. Bob and Clint’s bright and lively expressions allow the music to blend with various creative situations, Spreading joy and love through colorful musical notes, a perfect gifts for children of all ages! Follow these two big kids, pick up your instruments, and explorer our world with music!

On the second installment of aNueNue and Music Travel Love's collaboration, together to form Music Travel Kids! Innocence and creativity to create a super fun musical instrument! The inspiration came from the colorful scenaries on the road. With four landscapes came with four different Ukuleles, as well as guitar and acoustic bass, satisfying the musical imagination! with the included design sticker set, allow your innocence and creativity flow freely and add your own style to the instrument!


Original exclusive stickers

The design sticker pack that comes with the guitar is inspired by Bob, as he likes to put his favorite stickers on the guitar to show his personal philosophy and style, perhaps considered to be his signature design, and it may be a miniscule yet significant difference between the two brothers in terms of asthetics, so we specially designed stickers exclusively for this series.


要怎麼貼 由我做主



Music Travel Love


MTL is a Canadian brotherhood duo formed by Bob and Clint Moffatt. The two brothers have started their acting careers since they were 4 years old. They have more than 5,000 live performances, recorded 7 albums, Multiple gold and platinum records in 32 countries/regions with more than 6 million records sold worldwide, and always performing all around the globe.


Since 2018, MTL has released a series of music travel videos, named "Music Travel Love". This series is very popular among netizens. They combine their love of music, travel and family as the core of the channel's creation, feed the urge of pack your bags and set off to all over the world to explore different beautiful horizons and create moving music videos to all of their viewers.


As of now, their videos have been viewed on YouTube channels by more than 214 million and attracted 2.91 million YouTube subscribers.


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Proundly present your own creative style!


Four different Ukuleles, Four Scenaries, the included “Travel Living” and “Ocean Living”sticker set, players of all ages can now let their creativity flow freely, add personality and style to the instrument, proundly present your own creative style!



Kuta Sunset

Bass|Sitka Spruce+Mahogany


Sun, waves and beaches, all are signs of the summer season. Take a leisurely stroll along the golden coastline, and take in the infinite beauty from your travels!




Kona Sky



The blue sky with blooming white clouds is like the weather in early summer. We had always imagined ourselves lying on the soft white clouds, without a care for the world and just playing our instrument with ease



Palawan Sunrise



Sunrise appeared above the horizon, the sky rendered dreamlike, and the warmth of the red sun serenates the earth. Southeast Asia is home to lots of exotic island scenery, passion and vitality with the sun and coconut trees over us!



Morelos Blue



The fascinating ocean world will always be a favorite amongst Kids and adults. The adventure to the ocean starts from your imagination, so let’s explores the never-ending surprises and beauty of the underwater world!


Music X Tracel X Kids


  ▼ Body  

     Top / Spruce    
    Spruce is straight grained, yellowish white in color, light weight and strong in structure. Although Spruce takes time to open up, it relinquishes crispy clear sounds over a wide tonal spectrum. It is excellent for both strumming and finger-style playing.    
     Top / Sitka Spruce    
    Sitka Spruce originates from North America, it’s also straight grained, light weight and strong. It can be slower to open up but is an extremely versatile as it offers an immense dynamic resonance in the high, mid and low ranges and works excellently for most music genres.    

     Side & Back / Mahogany    
    Quarter-sawn straight grain mahogany is light weight and hard, subsequently it delivers a fast tonal transfer, a bright and organic tone and the bass is on the warmer side.    

    ▼ Finish  


  The body uses Natural Satin finish . Production of the body uses complicated procedures, so that the paint can be thin and transparent, and the surface is smooth and soft, and giving a more detailed handle to the instrument.  

    ▼ Headplate  

     Derjung gear ratio for precise tuning.    
    Ukulele / with 1:14 gear ratio for precise tuning
Acoustic / with 1:16 gear ratio for precise tuning
Bass / with 1:24 gear ratio for precise tuning
     Maple Headplate    
    Maple veneer with aNueNue decal logo.    

    ▼ Fretboard  


Rosewood is a hard tone wood that with open pores. It's a stable wood to be a fretboard, and also adaptable to climate changes. The 44mm nut width along with the 20-fret design, allows for endless tonal possibilities.




The fingerboard point turns the core spirit of Music Travel Love into loving elements, which is inlaid with shell materials in shapes such as "love, sun, mountain, coconut tree, and fish".


Inspired by nature during the journey, each symbol tells a different story. From the ocean to the beach, to the mountains and forests, as if you were feeling the warm sunlight sprinkled between trees, and nevertheless, feeling the“Love”, that nurtures all things, thus fully express the living style of Music Travel Love.


    ▼ Bridge / Saddle  


The maple bridge helps support the string tension.



Bass/buffalo bone


The buffalo bone for the nut which is very hard and articulate. This helps the strings to vibrate and to have a deep resonance. The compensated saddle designed to provide the accurate intonation and produce the correctly pitched note.



Acoustic/Synthetic bone


The synthetic bone for the nut which is very hard and articulate. This helps the strings to vibrate and to have a deep resonance.



Ukulele/Synthetic Bone


The Synthetic Bone for the nut which is very hard and articulate. This helps the strings to vibrate and to have a deep resonance.


    ▼ String / Gigbag   


aNueNue custom

 Bass / String
aNueNue custom coated phosphor bronze bass strings design for 610mm / 24 inches scale. They provide longer life and increased durability coupled with the bassness, clarity, and flexibility.

D'Addario® EXP16

 Acoustic / String
D'Addario® EXP16 coated phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings provide longer life and increased durability coupled with the brightness, clarity, and sensitivity that you're looking for in guitar strings.

aNueNue Clear Water strings

 Ukulele / String
The aNueNue Clear Water strings are made of clear fluorocarbon from Japan. The tone is rich and clear. The lower tension feeling makes it easy for beginners to play with.



The MTL Linen Gigbag is made of brown linen and is designed with a 20mm thick bag for extra protection. There is a front pocket for easy storage. There are also side handles and backpack straps for easy carrying.







   Exclusive stickers  


The exclusive stickers that come with the guitar are all water-repellent, and can be repeatedly peeled and pasted without damaging the surface of the guitar! There are two different styles of "travel life" and "ocean life", which can be decorated in any surface such as a guitar/luggage/motorcycle/safety helmet. Put them on and show your life style and creativity to the world, wherever you go!



MTL Travel Life Sticker

MTL travel stickers designed with the concept of traveling.



MTL Sea Life Sticker

Bright color matching and cute cartoon characters, depicting the colorful ocean world, with bright cartoon stickers that kids and adults will surely adore.





▼ Where to buy  


Please contact your local dealer for pre-order info!


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