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2020-12-31 - Products
Acoustic|Acoustic Travel Series. Major Sound, Minor Scale. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey - Emerson
2021 all new design Acoustic Travel Series with “Sugita Sound Concept.” Design with Acoustic Future brace construction improve the string to string balance, resonance, sustain, and you can feel the chord harmony.
2020-12-29 - Products
Product Chronology
【Acoustic】- Acoustic Future Series.【Ukulele】- UC Color Series / Hawaiien Dream Series.
2020-12-07 - Products
Ukulele|2020 New Products – Hawaiian Dream Series
Inspire by the Music and Tradition of Hawaii In the year 2020, we founded aNueNue USA in Haleiwa, Hawaii with ukulele virtuoso Kalei Gamiao and Corey Fujimoto. We share the same passion for music and love for ukulele.
2020-11-20 - Contests
Ukulele| The 6th China Cup Ukulele Fingerstyle Contest
In addition to the "Children's Group" and the "Adult Group", the "Children's Ensemble" and "Adult Ensemble" have been added to this year's competition.
2020-05-15 - Products
Acoustic| The Acoustic Future we’ve been waiting for.
The aNueNue team from Japan, Taiwan, and in Guangzhou, has dedicated three years of meticulous research, going through many obstacles and set-backs to achieve the ideal goal of the advanced craft-level "#guitar future" series. aNueNue hopes to add various
2020-04-24 - Products
Acoustic|aNueNue's production of an 8 minute video showcasing the production
Although the Future Guitar's production process takes more than 3-5 times longer than the average handmade guitar, the essence of technology, emotion and soul lasts within the craft, it is a lifestyle.
2020-03-20 - Products
Ukulele| UC Color Series - My Color. Dyeing For Music!
Built on the foundation of the"MC Color Series" acoustic guitar, the"UC Color Series" is the Ukulele extension of the color series. Balanced tranquility of Quiet Shade, warm and hopeful Golden Glow, the lively Living Coral,serene healing Blue Arona, and th
2020-02-01 - Products
Acoustic| LS - Acoustic Future Series - Guitars designed by Sugita Kenji
Sugita Kenji is well-known in the handmade guitar world. Sugita and aNueNue spent three years of R&D, selected air-dry wood, and humidity control facility.
2020-01-29 - Products
Acoustic| Between The Luthier & The Guitarist (“Distance” Performed By Satoshi Gogo)
An emotional interpretation of the luthier and the guitarist’s cherishable partner-friendship, through the musical piece, “Distance.”
2020-01-23 - Products
Acoustic|Matching souls in guitar making - He passed on 35 years of essence in hand build guitar to a 12years old Taiwan based b
the encounter of fate with aNueNue 13 years ago, all led to the realization of matching souls in guitar making with aNueNue 3 years ago. This is a musical instrument about the future.