“I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went the Ukulele was on my side. Follow my Journey on Instagram and Youtube, and I will follow you!”

- Kyas Ryo from Kochi Island, Japan -

Kyas Ryo is one of the most well-known ukulele virtuosos in Asia. He has won the best-technique prize in the 2007 Ukulele Contest in Japan. He has also performed at 40th Ukulele Festival Hawaii in 2010 and the Thailand Ukulele Festival in March 2011-2015. Kyas is an artist who is always challenged by all the possibilities of ukulele music.

Each time we watch Kays perform, he always gives us a ton of surprises. His music has matured over the last few years. Whether its an original piece, Smooth Jazz, Rock, or Pop, Kays covers all genres of music. Our ukulele grows with Kyas’s music. We learn a lot from him.

Kyas Music Tone Wood
Private Reserve Hawaiian Koa

The master grade Hawaiian koa has supreme curly wood figures. Structurally, it is denser and stronger. As top it adds extra natural compression to balance out an aggressive attack. Koa get you that clear clarity and articulate trebles.

Hawaiian Koa is loved by many musicians and luthiers worldwide. Master grade Koa produces a well balanced sound with warm mids and deep low frequencies. Hawaiian Koa is great tonewood for a variety of different playing styles ranging from fingerstyle to fast strumming. Take a listen to ukulele virtuoso Kyas, as he showcases the versatility of this beautiful tone wood.

Humpback Whale inlay used black and white mother of pearl, along with turquoise stone and curly koa wood. eBony headstock veneer with Gold finish Gotoh UPT tuners with pearl knobs with 1:4 gear ratio for precise tuning.

Whales family inlay use selected black and white mother of pearl. Show the graceful posture of the whale swimming in the sea. Ebony is a hard dense tone wood with silky smooth feeling. It's a stable wood to be a fretboard, adds brightness to the tone, and faster attack.

 - The Inspiration from Ocean - 
The ocean rosette inlay with selected mother of pearl, curly maple, and turquoise stone, final touch design adorn with rosewood lines. The Flame Maple binding was added for better protection to the body.

 - The Whale Tail - 
The top ended with whale tail inlay.
Selected curly maple and rosewood is use.

Kyas Whale

Tenor / 20 Frets


Top:Hawaiian Koa
Side:Hawaiian Koa
Back:Hawaiian Koa
Construction:All Solid
Machine Head:GOTOH UPT

Nut/Saddle:Buffalo Bone
Inlays:MOP/Curly Maple/Turquoise Stone
String:Black Water
Finish:High Gloss
Rosette:Spalted Maple
Pickup:Air Air


Black Water String

Black Flurocarbon String Material. Warmer and Treble sounding. Made in Japan.

Blue Hardcase

aNueNue Hardcase is made of laminated hard wood, cover with artificial blue leather. Interior is designed with silver crush velvet. With 20mm of thickness for extra protection.

Pickup / Air Air

aNueNue Air Air Dual Pickup system is design in HD to reproduce the purest, and dynamic sound of instrument.