Hawaiian Dream Series

Music travel with ukulele and imagine you are chilling in Hawaii.


18 Frets



20 Frets



Side:Acacia Koa Taiwan
Back:Acacia Koa Taiwan
Construction:Solid Top Only
Headplate:Acacia Koa
Machine Head:Gear Pegs
Nut/Saddle:Synthetic Bone
String:aNueNue Clear Water
Finish:Satin Natural
Rosette:Abalone Inlays
Pickup (Option):Mini U


Basic Series used Mahogany as a top, back and side wood.

Mahogany - Quarter-sawn straight grain mahogany is light weight and hard, subsequently it delivers a fast tonal transfer, a bright and organic tone and the bass is on the warmer side.

Top, back and sides are all solid wood. aNueNue uses wood that has been naturally air dried wood and are season for many years before even being put into production. All our solid woods are used for our high end pieces. All aNueNue’s solid wood pieces require time to open up and will develop an overall distinguished more complex harmonic tone quality.


Natural satin finish involve extra painting work schedule. The paint has nice satin feeling, and thin paint allow the wood to vibrate better. The rosewood and maple rosette was designed for the elegant look.

Less is More design. We focus on: Design, Simplicity and Elegance.


aNueNue classic-headstock design made with a Mahogany veneer with aNueNue decal logo. The tuners with 1:16 gear ratio for precise tuning.


Rosewood is a hard tone wood that with open pores. It's a stable wood to be a fretboard, and also adaptable to climate changes. The 19-frets design allows for endless tonal possibilities.

Bridge / Saddle

The rectangular rosewood bridge helps support the string tension. The Synthetic Bone for the nut which is very hard and articulate. This helps the strings to vibrate and to have a deep resonance.


Clear Water String

Clear Flurocarbon String Material. Lower tension and clear sounding. Made in Japan.

Hawaii Blue Gigbag

Exterior cloth use Dark navy ocean 600D and interior use blue check picnic cotton cloth. The gigbag is padded with 10mm thickness foam for extra protection.

Pickup (Option) / Air Blue

aNueNue Air Blue Dual Pickup is designed to produce the clear and transparent tone of the instrument.