- African Mahogany Series-

aNueNue All Solid Original Sound series. AMM Mahogany is all Solid construction and produce a harmonious resonance. The dark stain wood grain is like a quiet afternoon, accompanying you to immerse yourself in a pleasant ukulele time.

African mahogany has amber like brownish streaks. It is a type of tonewood that can be easily seasoned and is very stable to work with. It comes in a straighter grain which is great for an effective clear tonal transfer and it gives players a strong mid-range presence and a wonderful warmer overtone.

In Search of Wood Pairing
African Mahogany

All Solid African Mahogany as top, back, and side wood is one of the most popular aNueNue ukulele. Mahogany has great present in midrange and you get that ukulele meaty and organic sound. Those great midrange frequencies produce overtones that stack up and produce that wonderful ukulele Honking sound.

It works well for all music genres, especially for people who like a well-balanced tone, good dynamic range and overtones. From ukulele blues shuffle to fingerstyle players tend to respond well to mahogany's midrange character.

Abalone and Wood Ring Rosette

Rosewood Bridge / Buffalo Bone saddle

Rosewood Fretboard


Made with a eBony Veneer in Mother of Pearl logo.
The aNueNue custom tuners with 1:16 gear ratio for precise tuning.




Clear Water String

Clear Flurocarbon String Material. Lower tension and clear sounding. Made in Japan.

Deluxe Gigbag

aNueNue Deluxe Gigbag, uses Riptop Cloth with 20mm of thickness for extra protection. There is a front pocket for easy storage and a double-handle strap for easy carrying.

Pickup (Option)

aNueNue Air Air Dual Pickup system and aNueNue Air Blue Dual Pickup produce the clear and transparent tone of instrument. 


Concert / 20 Frets



Tenor / 20 Frets


Top:African Mahogany
Side:African Mahogany
Back:African Mahogany
Construction:All Solid
Machine Head:Gear Pegs
Nut/Saddle:Buffalo Bone
Inlays:MOP Dot Inlays
String:aNueNue Clear Water
Finish:High Gloss
Rosette:Abalone & Wood
Pickup (Option):Air Air/Air Blue

Africa Mahogany