AKK Hawaiian Koa Series
Original sound design ukulele with season tonewood.

aNueNue uses wood that has been naturally air dried wood and is seasoned for many years before even being put into production. All our solid woods are used for our high end pieces. All aNueNue’s solid wood pieces require time to open up and will develop an overall distinguished more complex harmonic tone quality.

-The Sound from Hawaii-

Welcome Kalei for ukulele sound demo.

-aNueNue Original sound design-

-TOP Hawaiian Koa-

Hawaiian Koa is native to Hawaii, and famous for its exquisite appearance. This type of tonewood is influenced by the age of the tree, the soil and even the level of elevation it grows in. These variances create darker grain patterns adding horizontal and vertical texture; and this color and striping creates the 3D like curly, tiger, flame appearance. When played, Koa produces a sweet warm mid-range and thicker luscious highs. With time Koa will unleash comprehensively stunning warmer overtones.




The abalone and wooden rosette was designed for the elegant look.


Mahogany binding was added for better protection to the body.


Made with a Hawaiian Koa veneer inlay with mother of pearl logo. The tuners with 1:16 gear ratio for precise tuning.


High Gloss

-Bridge & Nut/Saddle-

The smiley-shaped rosewood bridge helps support the string tension. The buffalo bone for the nut which is very hard and articulate.


Black Water String

Black Flurocarbon String Material. Warmer and Treble sounding. Made in Japan.

Delxue Gigbag

aNueNue Deluxe Gigbag, uses Riptop Cloth with 20mm of thickness for extra protection. There is a front pocket for easy storage and a double-handle strap for easy carrying.

aNueNue Air Blue

aNueNue Air Blue Dual Pickup is designed to produce the clear and transparent tone of the instrument.


Concert / 20 Frets



Tenor / 20 Frets


Top:Hawaiian Koa
Side:Hawaiian Koa
Back:Hawaiian Koa
Construction:All Solid
Headplate:Hawaiian Koa
Machine Head:Gear Pegs
Nut/Saddle:Buffalo Bone
Inlays:MOP Dot Inlays
String:Black Water
Finish:High Gloss
Rosette:Abalone & Wood
Pickup:Air Blue